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It's not you, it's your resume

Your resume is the story of you. Your career, your skills, and your accomplishments. But how do you get it past HR technology and onto the yes pile? With our Resume Analyzer.

Beat the HR bots

<h2><b>Beat</b> the HR bots</h2>

Companies receive hundreds of resumes for one job posting. Today’s recruiters and HR teams use sophisticated applicant tracking systems. Your resume should be designed with the bots in mind, rather than the humans using them.

Register for Advance, upload your resume and our technology will show you exactly how the bots read your resume. It will point out:

<h2><b>Beat</b> the HR bots</h2>
  • Potential errors

    Scan for keywords, employment gaps, and other secondary details that you may need to fix.

  • Format

    How the bots will re-format your resume so you can see exactly what they do.

  • Improvements

    Areas you can change to optimize for the bots and things that may not have been detected.

  • Get started


The personal touch

Our technology will show you what the bots see, but a coach can give you guidance on making your resume shine once it lands in the hiring manager’s inbox.

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Connect with a career coach

You have the skills, experience, and knowledge to do the job. If you know your resume looks good to the bots, now its time to focus on selling your story. Common areas of focus are:
Soft skills
Showcasing your soft skills can be as important for a role as any other skillset.
Employment gaps
How to address gaps in employment history and spin them into a positive.
Customized for role
Resumes should be structured to specific roles and opportunities.
Career change
Discover crossover areas and reposition your story for the role you want.

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Insights from our experts

Explore our resume do’s and don’ts with advice from our experts including our coaches and CEO.