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Coaching and tools to accelerate your job search

Together, we'll create your personal action plan to optimize your resume, nail your interviews, and land your next job faster. 

Get the support you need

Job search and career planning doesn’t have to be daunting. We’re with you every step of the way. You’ll get expert job search strategies, tools to improve your skills, support to discover a new career path or plan for the one you are on.

We create a personalized experience just for you, including your own career coach. What should you expect? Within three months of using Korn Ferry Advance, users report these transformations:

of Korn Ferry Advance users felt supported in their career journey
of senior professionals feel more confident after a coaching session


Our career tools

Our career tools are a powerful way to gain quick insights into where you are in your path. Try them out by registering for free or get more personalized insights and an action plan by discussing your results with a coach. 

Career Assessment

Career Assessment

Discover some real insights on yourself. Such as your skills, strengths, where you should invest time and effort improving to maximize your potential. 

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 Resume Architect

Resume Architect

If your resume struggles to get on the yes pile, it could be the HR technology. Our resume architect shows you how the bots see it and flags issues to fix.

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Skills Development

Skills Development

Do you feel your career advancement has plateaued? It may be time to enhance your job skills to land a promotion or make your next career move.

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Interview Prep

Interview Prep

Prep for interviews by practicing typical interview questions. With our app, you’ll get real-time, AI-driven feedback so you are ready when it counts.

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Coaching takes you further

Our coaches are certified, professional development experts. With decades of career expertise, they’ll help you strategize your job search, dive into where you can make an impact, and help you develop an action plan to land the job or get the career results you want.
Power up your resume
Practice interview skills
Strategies for how and where to look
Sounding board of support with expert advice

Success stories: Meet Nancy

With a successful career in marketing, Nancy appeared at the top of her game. But underneath, she had a burning passion. Find out how working with Korn Ferry Advance gave Nancy the confidence and action plan to pursue a career change. One that gave her the fulfillment she craved and matched her ambition for her life. 

Nancy R
Nancy R California

‘I got the offer for the job an hour after I got home which is actually what Hamaria said would happen, and it came true.’

‘It was after having to cross off job after job after job, or not hearing back at all, was when I realized I needed someone, a professional to help me. Someone with a fresh set of eyes.’

Try our Premium plan

Advance your career and unlock your true potential using our career assessment tool, and much more:
Personalized coaching sessions
Interactive job board
Video-based interview prep tools
Resume Analysis
A copy of "Advance", the new book from Korn Ferry's CEO
Skill development courses
/ per month

Your questions, answered

From career coaching to resume checking, we've got everything you need to find career fulfillment. Have questions? We can answer them.

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Yes. You get personalized sessions with your coach and they’ll be there for your entire career journey. In terms of scheduling, you can arrange 45-minute coaching sessions with them, one session at a time. Or, you can talk to a coach instantly via our chat function for those time-sensitive questions.

Anything and everything that's stopping you getting career fit. If you're job hunting, they can look at your resume, help you update your LinkedIn profile, do interview prep and discuss your career assessment results. If you're looking to move up in your current role, they can talk tactics and negotiation techniques. And if you're struggling with leadership or boss challenges, they can advise on dealing with difficult situations.

That's like asking if you'd start a fitness regimen without consulting a trainer and a nutritionist. Can you do it? Sure. Will you get the best results? Probably not. Having a career coach gives you that edge, that extra push that will get you better and faster results! There is always some new thing we want to work on...a career move, managing a new team, negotiating a raise...whatever it is, your coach is there to give you expert advice.

Experts in the field of career coaching who coach individuals at all career levels, across all industries, and in all functional areas.