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Organizations can now deliver the expert, on-demand professional development of Korn Ferry to their customers, members, students and alumni.

Why partner with Korn Ferry Advance?

We are in the business of career making. For fifty years we have inspired leaders and helped the Fortune 500 grow. We put someone in a job every three minutes. And now, we’ve made that experience available to your organization.

By helping your members, students and alumni, your organization is providing immense value.

  • 80,000 +

    Members joined Korn Ferry Advance to access total career management platform.
  • 30,000 +

    in partnership with associations and universities.
  • 11,000 +

    1:1 coaching sessions delivered with average coach member rating of 4.8 out of 5.
  • 5,900 +

    Actively engage with Korn Ferry Advance coaches to help manage their careers.


Who do we partner with?

We believe that universities and associations can go further when people are coached to get more out of their career. Here’s why. 

Korn Ferry Advance | Career Coaching and Consulting


Korn Ferry Advance empowers university career centers with a tech-driven suite of tools that boost job placement rates by preparing students and alumni for professional advancement in an ever-changing job market.  

This scalable platform is a differentiator and a disruptor; it offers a personalized, AI-centric approach to creating a stronger resume, practicing for interviews, finding a new job, and more. The tool also helps MBA and EMBA students who are already working but want to leverage the university’s resources – and their upcoming degree – to take their career to a new level. 

Korn Ferry Advance | Career Coaching and Consulting


Korn Ferry Advance helps Associations boost member engagement by offering them an innovative, AI-driven career management solution. This also increases retention by providing an additional members-only benefit that can be packaged along with current resources and offerings. Associations can monetize their partnership with Korn Ferry Advance through different revenue sharing models. 

FinTech company SoFi was unable to offer career development services, a request from some of their 600,000 members. They leveraged Korn Ferry Advance for consulting services and to deliver a suite of tools aimed at members’ professional development. Over 3,000 members enrolled in just the first month. 

Organizations and Outplacement

Interested in bringing professional development, leadership development or outplacement coaching to your company? Korn Ferry Digital can help you achieve your talent goals. Get in touch with us to learn more. 

Partnering gives you valuable insights

Organizations can now deliver the expert, on-demand career advice of Korn Ferry to their members, students and alumni. Here are just a few benefits to partnering with Korn Ferry Advance.

  • 1:1 career coaching

    Guidance from expert coaches creates customized, actionable strategies to manage career progression.

  • Modern technology

    Intuitive career technology and tools that are engaging for people of all generations and employment levels.

  • Data analytics

    Data analytics that give you insight into your professionals' traits and development areas.

Success stories: SoFi partnership

Navigating a career can be very hard. SoFi has a vested interest in making sure their members have tools to maintain fiscal health and access to career tools play a big part in that. Together with SoFi, we have deployed Korn Ferry Advance to thousands of SoFi members with stellar results.

You can’t over invest in career planning. I liken it to fitness. You should take care of it, monitor it….You have to do it, nobody will take care of it for you…It leads to earning potential. It leads to better self-esteem. It leads to better paths in life.



Our Partnerships

We are proud to have partnered with world-class organizations to provide career management services.

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