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Interviews can be stressful, no matter how qualified for the job you are. Selling yourself with confidence Is all about preparation. And practice makes perfect with our interview prep tool.

Perfect your pitch

<h2><b>Perfect </b>your pitch</h2>

You know your experience on paper is a fit for the role. You’ve researched the company and found ways you can make an impact. But how do you get this across when you’re put on the spot? Our interview prep tool lets you upload video responses to typical interview questions and get real-time, AI-driven feedback.

Register for free, download our app and get 20 minutes of complimentary practice time. The app will show you ways to build your confidence and skills.

<h2><b>Perfect </b>your pitch</h2>
  • Elevator pitch

    First impressions are important. Expressing your strengths, passion and personality in less than a minute is key to interview success.

  • Interview questions

    Having prepared and fluid responses to common interview questions can make an interview much smoother. Practice makes perfect.

  • Not just for interviews

    Got a big meeting or presentation coming up? Use the app to pitch launching a new product, or showing your boss why you deserve a promotion.

  • Get started


From feedback to action

Feedback from the app is just the first step in optimizing your communication performance. Using the app’s feedback, a career coach will dive deeper, work a plan and help you sharpen your skills even further.

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Get the career coach edge

Get ready for a career (and life) changing interview or meeting with the support of a coach. Your career coach can talk through strategies for staying focused and in control, whatever question is thrown your way. They can also help with:
Focused feedback
Focus on areas you feel weak in, get strategies to address any situation or resume gap.
Interview process
Build a plan to approach multiple interviews at one company and how to keep it fresh.
Sell your story
Guide you on positioning career achievements, expertise and cultural fit to future employer.
Build confidence
Coaches help you build the confidence to communicate and showcase your best self.

Try our Premium plan

Advance your career and unlock your true potential using our career assessment tool, and much more:
Personalized coaching sessions
Interactive job board
Video-bassed interview prep tools
Resume Analysis
A copy of "Advance", the new book from Korn Ferry's CEO
Skill development courses
/ per month

Insights from our experts

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