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Is your resume not even getting you in the door? Your network full of dead-ends and no-goes? Salary negotiations ending up lose-lose? We have a team of expert career coaches ready to talk you through all of your career challenges.

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What is Korn Ferry Advance?

Korn Ferry Advance is a monthly subscription designed to help you drive your career forward! Perfect for job seekers and those already on a career path to:

  • Find the right culture/industry fit
  • Hone interview skills
  • Negotiate salary/benefits packages
  • Develop leadership skills
  • And much more!

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  • Personal career assessment
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  • 24/7 chat support with our career care team
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  • Award winning book "Lose the Resume, Land the Job"
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Career planning can feel more like a never-ending grind on the treadmill than an exhilarating walk in the park. See how we've helped others just like you..

My coach asks the right questions that help me to make objective decisions, and gently nudges me in the right direction, whatever challenge I’m facing. I can tell she’s dedicated to my goals.”

Brian W.

I was struggling to break into a new industry – hiring managers just didn’t ‘get’ what I brought to the table. Korn Ferry Advance helped me retool my resume and personal brand to connect the dots for employers.”

Manuela D.

Korn Ferry Advance helped me feel confident, calm, and ready for my interviews – knowing I was assessing the company every bit as much as they were me. I got the job!”

Keiran M.

The ultimate how-to guide for your career now available for order from Korn Ferry CEO and New York Times best-selling author, Gary Burnison.


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How to take control, uncover your blind spots and make more money.


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Surviving bosses and coworkers, managing, meetings and networking success.


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Don’t be a know-it-all, be a learn-it-all with practical advice and tools.

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