At its simplest form, Korn Ferry Advance is a monthly subscription which gives you instant access to a personal career coach, a resume parser, career assessment test, salary data and much more! Confused about what career coaching is? Think of it like your personal trainer for your career. There is always some new thing we want to work on...a career move, managing a new team, negotiating a raise...whatever it is, your coach is there to give you expert advice. 

That's like asking if you'd start a fitness regimen without consulting a trainer and a nutritionist. Can you do it? Sure. Will you get the best results? Probably not. Having a career coach gives you that edge, that extra push that will get you better and faster results! There is always some new thing we want to work on...a career move, managing a new team, negotiating a raise...whatever it is, your coach is there to give you expert advice.

We have two subscription options available. Our FREE option gives you access to our popular Insights articles, written by our career experts. You can also take our career assessment test (although we are pretty confident you are going to want to talk the results over with a coach!)

Our PREMIUM monthly subscription includes our FREE options plus:

  • 24/7 personal coach support (through chat or phone)
  • Premium tools and insights
  • Job postings
  • Award winning book "Lose the Resume, Land the Job"


If you’ve signed up for our Premium Subscription then a personal coach is all part of the package. You’ll find your first appointment in your coaching tab. Once we've matched you with an expert who understands your industry and situation, then you can arrange to talk to them whenever you need.

Yes. You get unlimited sessions with your coach and they’ll be there for your entire career journey. In terms of scheduling, you can arrange 45-minute coaching sessions with them, one session at a time. Or, you can talk to a coach instantly via our chat function for those time-sensitive questions.

Experts. Not only in the field of career counseling, but we'll match you with someone who knows your industry. Once they have spent time getting to know you, they'll also be best placed to give you tailored advice for your personal career challenges. 

Anything and everything that's stopping you getting career fit. If you're job hunting they can look at your resume, help you update your LinkedIn profile, do interview prep and discuss your career assessment results. If you're looking to move up in your current role they can talk tactics and negotiation techniques. And if you're struggling with leadership or boss challenges, they can advise on dealing with difficult situations.

Absolutely. Whatever you discuss with your coach, stays between you and them.

It’s a conversation, informal, unpressured. Our coaches spend time getting to know you, your career aspirations and your challenges. Their job is then to guide you on the path, not tell you exactly where to go and how to get there.

You’re done with coaching when you want to be. Our coaches are not just there to help you get a new job, they’re there for your whole career journey.

Lots of resumes fall foul of the parsing bots and don't even make it to an actual HR human. We use the same technology as Fortune 500 companies to make sure that your story matches the role you’re going for. The technology behind it converts your resume to an easy to read format for recruiters and companies. But make sure you check it before you send it as information can get lost.

You might think you know yourself and the way you work, but sometimes it takes a bit of probing to get to the nub of your career fulfillment goals. The career assessment is a 15 minutes test that asks some pertinent questions and multiple choice answers. You then get a report that gives you more insight into your work personality.