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The Essentials: Your EQ

Soft skills, such as emotional intelligence, are more crucial than ever in today’s workplaces.

Professionals with higher levels of emotional self-awareness, empathy, adaptability, and other competencies that comprise emotional intelligence—often know as EQ—may be better prepared for the many disruptions of the past year and in the year to come. But experts say many of these so-called soft leadership skills can be learned over time. In this Essentials list, read four of our favorite articles—and watch one video—about how to up your EQ.

How to Become More Emotionally Intelligent

Scores of leaders lack the skill, which often leads to good employees going elsewhere. A guide to growing your empathy.

The Fall of the Office Jerk

Companies are increasingly favoring qualities such as adaptability and empathy, which is bad news for those who behave badly.

Get to Know Yourself, Warts and All

Korn Ferry CEO Gary Burnison breaks down personality traits and drivers to help you determine your best fit.

In 44 Seconds: Emotional Intelligence

In this video, we break down the basics of EQ and how you can improve upon this important soft skill.

Just Listen to Me!

Leadership expert Liz Bentley offers three tips for how to hear what people are really saying.

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