The Essentials: Your Compensation

Despite the fact that raises, when adjusted for inflation, are expected to only grow an average of 1% this year, there are plenty of other parts of your compensation to focus on. Whether you’re looking for unusual benefits (like pet insurance for your pooch), a lowdown on bonuses, or how to get that raise in the current wage-stagnation climate, our roundup of compensation highlights can help you strategize your best pay play.

When the Raise You Deserve Isn’t Coming

There are creative ways to deal with bumping up against a salary cap or learning that merit pay hikes aren’t in the works.

How to Avoid the Trickiest Trap in Salary Negotiation

It’s usually in a job seeker’s best interest to push the employer to throw out a number first.

The Benefits Battle: Perks That Aren’t So Perky

Some benefits sound better than they actually end up being. (This is the second in a series.)

How Much Do My Colleagues Make?

At a time when salary transparency is more commonplace, it’s still dicey to discuss compensation with coworkers.

Your Guide to Bonuses

When you’ll get them, what they’ll look like, and how they’ll be taxed.

The Game of Chicken: Seeking Outside Offers to Snare a Raise

With more people job-hopping, some workers are opting to use an outside offer they’re only lukewarm on as leverage for a raise.

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