The Ten Commandments for Dealing With Coworkers

Like it or not, your colleagues can have a powerful effect on your career and happiness. Here are Korn Ferry CEO Gary Burnison's tips for building positive working relationships.

Published: Dec 20, 2019

When you look back at your previous jobs, what do you remember? Chances are the day-to-day tasks are hardly as clear as the interactions you had with your co-workers--for better or for worse. Indeed, the relationships you build with your colleagues can have powerful implications on your career. According to one study, 70% of employees say having friends at work is the biggest indicator of an enjoyable work life, and nearly 60 percent of men say they would refuse a higher-paying job if it meant not getting along with their colleagues. But getting along with coworkers can be tricky, and often requires a good deal of patience, emotional intelligence, and self-awareness. Check out Korn Ferry CEO Gary Burnison's ten tips for dealing with coworkers.

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