The Essentials: Job & Career Advice

A roundup of Korn Ferry CEO Gary Burnison's best advice, including avoiding disastrous interviews and why you shouldn't ask people to pick their brain.

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The unemployment rate hasn't been this low since the 1960s and the number of job openings is near record highs. At the same time, there are some signs that the job market, which has been growing steadily for years, could be heading for a slowdown soon.

In the latest edition of Korn Ferry Advance Essentials, CEO Gary Burnison breaks down what workers can do now, while the market is still decent, to improve their chances at landing a job they really want. It'll take a little bit more than a good resume (although he'll show you the elements of a really good one). And he'll break down how to ask for advice, build a professional network, avoid interview-killing mistakes and more.

The 90-Day Career Diet

Seven ways to treat your career like you treat your health.

The Best Resume I've Seen in 20 Years

Burnison wrote a book titled Lose the Resume … so find out what actually impressed him.

Can I Pick Your Brain?

For many people, it's surprisingly hard to ask for advice correctly.

Your Six Degrees Of Separation

You never know who you may have a common connection with.

The 'Best' Worst Job Interview Stories

Even experienced executives sabotage themselves by what they say and do in an interview.

When Your Career Lands in a Divot

How to overcome traps and hazards, whether they're on the links or in the workplace.

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