The Greatest Hits of 2019

Korn Ferry Advance’s 10 most-read stories of the year.

Published: Dec 23, 2019

If you and your boss don’t understand each other, tread lightly when you speak up in opposition. “Tell me about yourself” really is a great icebreaker phrase, despite what you may have heard. And when you get that offer from a new firm, don’t be surprised if your current company rolls out the red carpet to try to get you to stay. 

We rounded up our most-loved stories of the year so you can kick off 2019—and a new decade, no less—a step ahead. While job unemployment numbers remain low, there are signs that a recession may be coming, which is all the more reason to dig into some of our favorites, including helpful networking and interview advice. Below, our greatest hits that may help you set your career on a better path in 2020:

1.     Avoid These Four Resume Killers

2.     The 90-Day Career Diet

3.     How to Avoid the Trickiest Trap in Salary Negotiation

4.     How to Tackle 5 Trick Interview Questions

5.     Consult Your Competencies to Tell Your Tale

6.     When You and Your Boss Are Oil and Water

7.     The Only Icebreaker You’ll Ever Need

8.     How to Deal With Difficult People at Work

9.     Please Don’t Quit: Handling a Counteroffer

10.  8 Completely Avoidable Interview Mistakes

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