10 reasons to work with a career coach

By working with a career coach, you can identify your value proposition, articulate why you would make a good hire, and stand out from your competition.

Published: Apr 4, 2020

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1. Set goals and build a roadmap for your career

Goal setting is essential to making progress in driving your career whether you are looking for a new job, wanting to grow within your current role and organization, or looking to pivot and do something new. A career coach can help you identify where you are headed and help you create the steps and accountability structures to get there and get there more quickly than you would on your own.

2. Get personalized coaching

Yes, there is a lot of career advice out there, but it will only get you so far. Each person’s situation and career path is unique, which is how a career coach really comes in handy. Each coaching session is designed to focus on YOU and your specific situation.

3. Build confidence

Let’s face it, you spend a lot of hours at work. When your career is out of sorts, so are you. The ups and downs of managing a career can range from completely energizing to taking a big toll on wellness and happiness. A coach helps you to focus on knowing your strengths and talents and building your brand and confidence.

4. Define your value proposition

We are so close to our own work that we often can’t see it clearly or understand the value we add. By working with a career coach, you can identify your value proposition, articulate why you would make a good hire, and stand out from your competition.

5. Expand your network

Networking can seem hard, so people avoid it and instead keep applying for job after job via online application. A coach can assist you in identifying online and in-person networking strategies that you are most comfortable with.

6. Build a powerful and relevant resume

A career coach will help you build a resume that showcases your skills, accomplishments and experience, aligning with the needs of the organization you’re targeting. Communicating how your experience can bring value and emphasizing skills relevant to the role are important in standing out among hundreds of resumes.

7. Rock your interviews

Job interviews can be intimidating, and preparation is imperative. Take the mystery out of the interview process by prepping with your career coach.

8. Get Unstuck

If you aren’t making progress in your job search, or your career has reached an all-time level of monotony, a career coach can be the answer! Together you can craft a plan to gain momentum and get unstuck.

9. Negotiate raises and job offers

Don’t leave money on the table because you are uncomfortable asking. Our coaches are experts at helping you understand your worth and the tools needed to negotiate it.

10. Experiment

Working with a coach is a great, low-stakes way to experiment and brainstorm new ideas, create action experiments to help you move your career forward, and to receive immediate feedback.

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