It's time to take control of your career

Advance, the new book from New York Times best-seller and Korn Ferry CEO, Gary Burnison, shows you how to unlock your potential and take control of your career.

It starts with you

Know and manage yourself first so you can make a bigger and better impact. Discover your:
Blind Spots
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But it’s not about you

You aren’t a solo performer. You need to work with others successfully. Learn how to:
Survive bad bosses
Cope with coworkers
Build political capital
Network to find a champion
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To earn more, learn more

Advancing your career takes time and effort. That only happens by being a lifelong learner.
Don’t be a know-it-all
Be a learn-it-all
Tapping right-brain skills
Going global
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The Advance book produces results

Owning my performance with the MORE model helped me understand my valueandenvision my “end game” duringthe interview process

So many books do not find the correct tone to reach their audience, yours is brilliant andit is not surprise you are heading one of the very best recruitment firm in the world.

The MORE model combined with coaching was extremely helpful in determining my worth. After a series of back and forth negotiations, I received a final offer that was $60K above the original offer.

I was looking to find my inner hustle. Advance has been extremely helpful in providing tools, resources, strategies, and helping to move the process along.

There are memorable points in untangling the not so mysterious interview process for both sides of the interview table.

You really hit the mark with constructive, relevant, and concise guidance for candidates.

Take charge of your career

Dive into tips and insights from Gary Burnison, CEO of Korn Ferry and the ultimate career expert.